2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch

2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch

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The 2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch makes its entry as a family hatchback with a spacious cabin in its segment. Since it made its debut in 2012, it has been so and still holds its place. However, while there have been multiple minor updates since then to keep the vehicle fresh, the Sonic’s dated exteriors and interiors have started to push people away from it. Does the Sonic still have what it takes to fight its contemporaries, or should Chevrolet just come up with the second generation?

2020 Chevry Sonic Hatch gets an engine powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine of 1.4liter capacity. This particular setup generates 138 horsepower with a torque of 148 lb-ft. 2020 Sonic Hatchback comes with a front-wheel-drive that gets powered by a six-speed automatic transmission. 2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch overall MPG of 29 and the number isn’t bad for the engine figures. After our review, we can say that the 2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch performs decently in terms of efficiency and thus proves to be a great daily driver. At around $19,000, the 2020 Chevrolet Sonic Hatchback does cut corners in some places, more than it makes up in most other areas.

2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch
2020 Chevrolet Sonic Front View
2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch Ratings
  • Features - 5.2/10
  • Interior - 7.9/10
  • Exterior - 5/10
  • Fuel Economy - 6.2/10
  • Safety - 4.8/10
  • Engine & Performance - 7.4/10

Pros and Cons

While the Sonic hatchback is no looker, it does stand as a decent and a practical vehicle with enough space for five. It does have its fair share of positives and negatives though.


  • Spacious cabin
  • Well-loaded base variant
  • Slick and smooth touchscreen
  • Decent power and torque figures for the class
  • High safety rating
  • Easy to drive and live with


  • Interiors are boring and low quality
  • Unimpressive fuel economy
  • Aging and bland design
  • Limited options and features

What’s new in the 2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch?

Other than two new exterior paint options, the 2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch ditches the excellent and reliable six-speed manual transmission in favor of automatic setup. Apart from these, no major updates can be seen on the list.

2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch Rear View
2020 Chevrolet Sonic Rear View

Trims and Features

FeaturesAutomatic headlights, LED DRLs, heated power mirrors, a reversing camera, power windows, a four-way manually adjustable driver’s seat, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, a 7-inch touchscreen, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, a 4G LTE modem, a Wi-Fi hotspot, a six-speaker music system, satellite radio, two USB ports, a 60-40 split-folding rear seat, cloth upholstery, and 15-inch alloy wheels.Heated front seats, push-button start, a 6-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, a larger driver information display, keyless entry, 17-inch alloy wheels, and leatherette upholstery.  
Optional extras Push-button start, keyless entry, a 6-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, rear parking sensors, a larger driver information display, lane departure warning, heated front seats, and forward collision alert.Sunroof, a sports exhaust, forward collision alert, sportier suspension and rear parking sensors.
Price$ 19,420$ 21,520

Which 2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch We Recommend?

The 2020 Chevy Sonic’s base LT variant comes with a surprising amount of equipment as standard and while opting for the top trim adds more features, we think the base variant is good enough for most people as it would easily suffice most of the needs. The base variant also gets a decent selection of optional features.

This car is also offered as a Sedan throughout the US. Check our review of 2020 Chevy Sonic Sedan also for more detailed comparisons between the two variants.

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2020 Chevy Sonic Hatchback Performance

Engine & Transmission

The 2020 Chevrolet Sonic is powered by a 1.4L turbocharged four-cylinder engine that churns out 138 hp and 148 lb-ft of torque. While Sonic’s engine is not as refined as its rivals, it definitely is among the most powerful in its segment. However, efficiency is not its strong forte, since it only offers an overall range of 353 miles, which is lower than what its rivals offer at this price.


At 8.5 seconds, the Chevy Sonic’s 0-60 run time might seem slow, but it actually is faster than its competition, even if it is only available with the automatic transmission. The older manual transmission (available with the 2019 model) could’ve completed the run in 8.1 seconds, which was the best in the segment, but the new transmission helps the car in offering a smooth acceleration.

Ride & Handling

The 2020 Chevy Sonic’s suspension is on the stiffer side, but it does provide a comfortable driving experience on various types of terrains. While large bumps and potholes can be felt inside the cabin, there is no sudden jolt that filters into the cabin and unsettles it. The Sonic is also an excellent handling machine, since it stays composed and flat on most roads, even at high speeds. The brakes are also really good since they offer a progressive and smooth bite, even while sudden or hard braking during emergency stops.

2020 Chevy Sonic Hatchback Fuel Economy

The Chevy Sonic might not be the most efficient vehicle in its class, but it still does return decent figures to keep most budget-conscious buyers happy. With 26 MPG in the city and 34 MPG on the highway, the Sonic’s overall fuel efficiency rating stands at 29 MPG, which could benefit from an improvement in the engine’s refinement and efficiency.


While the 2020 Sonic Hatch might not have the freshest of design, it certainly does score quite a lot of points in this area. The 2020 Chevy Sonic earns five stars in the frontal and side crash tests and four stars in the rollover test, bringing it to an overall five-star rating from the NHTSA. This makes it among the safest in its class. The following safety features are also available either as standard or as additional options:

  1. Six airbags
  2. ABS
  3. Brake Assist
  4. Electronic Stability Control
  5. Traction Control
  6. Lane Change warning
  7. Forward collision alert
  8. Rear parking sensors with a parking camera

2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch Interior

One of the major complaints against the Chevrolet Sonic is the age and quality of its interiors. While the dashboard is functional and well laid, it has started to show its age, which has become quite evident with each subsequent model year. The switchgear and the buttons also feel very cheap & low-quality and so does the plastics used on the dashboard and door pads, which feel very scratchy and basic.

While the cabin is spacious enough, there is a strange lack of storage spaces for smaller items in the cabin, especially near the central console where one only gets two cupholders and an awkward place to keep the cellphone. The 7-inch touchscreen does make the cabin feel slightly nicer, but its awkward placement makes it look like an afterthought on the Sonic’s dashboard.

How are those seats like?

The 2018 Chevrolet Sonic is a five-seater hatchback and offers an ample amount of space to accommodate five adults comfortably. While the standard front seats are basic, they still do offer a 4-way manual adjustment, which makes it easy to adjust to get the desired position. Opting for the optional 6-way power-adjustable seats vastly increases the amount of comfort and support on offer since it not only offers a higher degree of adjustments but also offers lumbar support, heating feature and leatherette upholstery, bundled with it.

2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch Seating
2020 Chevrolet Sonic Hatchback Seating

The rear seats do not get any fancy features, but offer decent levels of comfort and cushioning. The seat base is mounted relatively higher than what one would find in the competitors, which increases the under-thigh support and makes the rear seats very comfortable for long drives. The rear seatback is fixed in place, but the standard recline angle is good enough for all average-sized adults. There’s also quite a lot of shoulder room on offer in the rear row, which makes it roomy enough for three adults to sit comfortably.


The Sonic hatchback’s 7-inch touchscreen has been around for some time, but it comes as standard on all models and gets all features on offer as standard.
The 2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch’s infotainment system includes the following features:

  • Bluetooth
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • A 6-speaker music system on all variants
  • OnStar connected car features with 4G LTE and a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Voice commands
  • Two USB ports
2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch Infotainment
2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch Infotainment

While Sonic’s infotainment system is quite old, it is still snappy and fluid to use, especially when it comes to loading maps and menus. We’d even go as far as to say that the Sonic’s touchscreen is among the best one can get at its price point.

2020 Chevy Sonic Hatchback Interior Pictures

2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch Exterior

Design and Dimension

The 2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch has been around for over 7 years now and its design has started to show its age. While its boxy exteriors and upright stance give it good all-round visibility, it lacks any kind of visual flair that makes it stand out of the crowd. The Sonic’s body comprises of simple & straight lines with large windows, which do a great job of making it feel familiar, but it’s definitely not going to win any design awards. The Sonic did receive its mid-life facelift in 2016, but that just gave it new headlights and taillights. Finally, with the news being that Chevrolet will be discontinuing the Sonic after 2020, hence it further becomes clear that this car won’t get a new facelift.

2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch Boxy Exterior
2020 Chevy Sonic Boxy Exterior

Exterior Features

The 2020 Chevy Sonic features a similar grille as one would get to see on the new Camaro, along with deep recesses for fog lights with simple and rectangular headlights that get LED DRLs embedded into them. The two alloy wheel sizes on offer are the standard 15-inch alloys on the LT and the painted 17-inch alloy wheels on the Premier variant. The body gets an upright stance with upright door pillars and large windows. There is a character line that runs across the length of the vehicle and goes up to the taillights. The taillights feature regular bulbs that look like LED units and help in making the Sonic look premium. The rear of the Sonic is flat & plain and doesn’t feature any unique design and just save some for the fake diffuser-styled rear bumper.

2020 Chevy Sonic Front Grill

2020 Chevy Sonic Hatchback Exterior Pictures

How much will the 2020 Chevrolet Sonic Hatchback cost?

Cost of ownership

CRITERIAYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Total
State Fees$1,129$73$73$73$73$1,421
Repair Cost$0$0$116$275$400$791
Grand Total$26,429

Taking insurance, financing, state fees, maintenance, repair cost, and depreciation into consideration, the Chevrolet Sonic LT will cost $26,429 to own for five years. The overall ownership cost is slightly above average, which makes it decent value in the long run. The Premier variant might cost more to insure, finance and maintain though.

Top 5 US States pricing:

The 2020 Chevrolet Sonic is in its final model year and there is no replacement coming in any time soon. This does mean that getting a great deal on one won’t be that difficult. While most dealerships are offering discounts since they’re having a hard time clearing inventory, one might be able to get the best deals in one of these states (for the LT variant):

  • Virginia: $ 17,720
  • Texas: $ 17,990
  • New York: $ 18,560
  • California: $ 18,970
  • Idaho: $ 19,100

2020 Chevrolet Sonic Hatchback Competition

2020 Chevrolet Sonic VS 2020 Kia Rio

The 2020 Kia Rio is the most stylish vehicle in the segment and is also the most feature-laden. While Rio has a slightly higher starting price, it offers extra features such as LED headlight and taillights, a large touchscreen and a manual transmission. The Sonic does have a roomier cabin, but the Rio’s cabin feels more plush, luxurious and well-put-together. There’s also more cubby spaces and small-item storage spaces around the cabin.

2020 Chevy Sonic Hatch Vs 2020 Kia Rio
2020 Kia Rio

What do we think about the 2020 Chevrolet Sonic Hatchback?

Our Final Verdict

The 2020 Chevrolet Sonic hatchback is an excellent and a no-nonsense vehicle which does everything the one would require from a daily driver, pretty well. Its cabin is functional, has comfortable standard seats, and its touchscreen interface is fluid and responsive. The Sonic’s aging design and sub-par interior material quantity do hold it back in light of better-built contemporaries, but still, it stands strong against all odds. Overall, the Chevrolet Sonic is still a very good car for someone looking for a budget and practical family vehicle.

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