SEMA 2019: Carnival of Cars

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SEMA 2019 commenced on November 5th in Las Vegas Convention Center located in Las Vegas Nevada. Many trending brands have made their exhibition of some of their craziest builts ever made. For example, Chevy showcased 3 vehicles: Chevy E-10, 2021 Silverado HD Carhartt and Copo Camaro. Out of these three, we can say that the new modernized E-10 made us go bonkers on the design inside and out. There are many cars in this event which will take your breath away. Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we won’t be able to do a full coverage of the event but glimpses of the event could be found here.

For more info about the event and a detailed guide of which event will take place at what time visit the SEMA’s official website.

What is SEMA?

SEMA or Speciality Equipment Manufacturers Association is an automobile specialty trade event held in Las Vegas Nevada every year for 4-5 days bringing out the best products and some of the most imaginative minds in the automobile industry. Furthermore, they hold educational seminars and product demonstrations for all the attendees.

2018 SEMA received an extraordinary crowd of over 70,000 domestic and international buyers. This year more audience is expected than last year as there are more brands coming.

What Can you expect from SEMA 2019?

SEMA 2019 is going very well till now and all the attendees combined with the local public are waiting for the grand party after the show ends. The show ends on 8th November 4:00 PM and then the real party starts at SEMAIgnited. Get your tickets from the link now as the show goes on. Many brands like Ford, Shelby, Chevy, VolksWagen, Nissan, Toyota, and Dodge presented some of their finest masterpieces to the attendees. Ford showcased a 2022 Electric Mustang Concept which was the show stealer for many.

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