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“Per state-wide executive order, the Museum is closed to the public beginning March 19, 2020. R8C Museum Deliveries of Corvettes will continue.” – this is the message presently displayed on the home-page of the National Corvette Museum’s website. But to counter this Museum closure, the Corvette Museum authorities have now come up with a series of innovative online videos to keep the Corvette lovers satisfied for the time being.

Now that people are locked in their homes, this gesture from the Corvette Museum is getting a positive reaction from the fans. The Museum released a series of educational and entertaining videos relating to the different aspects of a Corvette. The videos are primarily aimed to be informational for the kids, but on going through them, there is no harm in saying that adults would enjoy them equally.

Corvette Museum Launches Educational Video
Corvette Museum Launches Educational Video

The series has been named as “Vettecademy,” and presently has five episodes. The Museum plans to add a new video every weekday on the National Corvette Museum’s Facebook page as well as their YouTube channel. The first episode is hosted by the Museum Educator Deb Howard, where she talks about different generations of Corvette in detail. In the second one, titled ‘The Sinkhole” the Museum’s Director of Marketing and Communication Katie Ellison tells the story of the time when a new sinkhole opened up in the Museum and gives details about the Museum Skydome. These two videos are followed by three other, each dealing with some aspect or the other relating to the Corvette, its history, its design, and designers, etc. the Vettecademy series of videos are enjoyable to watch and informative at the same time. You even get to learn the mechanism to change the tires of a vehicle.

This video series by the Corvette Museum is not entirely new, though. The National Corvette Museum has long been engaged in imparting Corvette related education and information to the fans through various modes. The internet handle of the Museum also contains an excellent and informative video on the history of Corvette, being named as ‘Fully Vetted.’ The episode, one of this series, is presently available, though further episodes are likely to be added soon. The video, hosted by Derek Moore, Director of Collections, and Bob Bubnis, Historical Media Coordinator, traces the 25 years of Corvette Museum’s history along with the history of the vehicle itself. The Fully Vetted series will currently have videos on the Tuesdays and Thursdays and can be easily accessed by logging in to the Museum’s website.


The National Corvette Museum is a place of great attraction, especially for Corvette enthusiasts. The Museum has over 80 Corvette in-display arranged in a periodic setting, and a visit to this place is something that no Corvette lover would want to miss. Now that the Museum had to be closed down for a period due to the wide-spread coronavirus pandemic, the fans of Corvette can very well find their new love in the exclusive video series made available for free by the Museum. The engaging content of the videos is enough to excite any car lover’s interest in the Corvette.

As mentioned earlier, the videos can be found on Facebook or YouTube handles of the Museum or their official website. For convenience, the links to the video series are given below:


Fully Vetted:

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