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Snow Runner GM Game

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  • New GM game proposed to launch next month
  • The game will feature prominent trucks from the manufacturer
  • It will offer a wide range of activity, terrain, contracts, and other options

GM has entered into the gaming industry by launching its game app SnowRunner. This game is for truck lovers who enjoy tackling the difficulties of outdoor driving. It will feature some of the trickiest terrains that truck drivers come across most days.


SnowRunner is the second most popular gaming app being developed by Saber Interactive after their successful MudRunner game. The game will display open-world simulations and place the player in the driving seat of the manufacturer’s prominent trucks. The game will most probably include the famous Chevrolet, GMC, and Hummer trucks of the company.

The game relies entirely upon advanced physics systems and takes a player through different mud, snow, ice, and water escapades. Each of these terrains accounts for different vehicle weights, water content, and tire spin capabilities. Therefore, it is a challenging game, even for race gamers.

Snowrunner Landscape view
Snowrunner Landscape view

Moreover, water currents may be dangerous for players because they might overwhelm their vehicles. However, the players have the option to modify their trucks to handle terrain and obstacles. For example, they can add engine snorkels to cross treacherous river crossings, snow chains for driving smoothly in northern climates, etc. The game also requires high concentration, grip over accelerator controls, and use of the mind to cross over these terrains.

The game displays three regions, namely, Alaska, Michigan, and Taymyr, Russia in 11 open-world maps. These are the broadest range of maps offered in the gaming history of the company. Each of these regions showcases distinctive upgrades, contracts, settings, and missions. Additionally, players get rewarded for their accomplishments in the game zones. Players can tackle most deals and activities at their own pace and order. Many of these terrains, contracts, and businesses will change your future outlook of maps.

Activities included in the game include goods and material transfers, vehicle rescues, bridge building, mending cargo lines and oil pipes, removing roadblocks, and newly-arrived mega-sized deliveries. Challenging missions incorporated in the game maps can take players through linked tunnels and highways. Thus, allowing them to plan for long haul events.

Snowrunner SUV Towing
Snowrunner SUV Towing

As mentioned earlier, customization can help players to pass through terrains and obstacles easily. Almost 40 trucks from the manufacturer are available for players. Some of the best tracks included in it are Ford, Freightliner, and Caterpillar, among others, with enhanced interiors and physics models. Besides the usual customization, players can also make use of deep visual customization that offers paint assortments, lights, trims, and decals. This game doesn’t bar solo endeavors.

But just as in real-life truck adventures are with a partner, this game often requires a partner to cross untrammeled wilderness. Therefore, this game offers co-operative multiplayer options giving a person access to add three friends during outdoor exploits.

The manufacturer is even planning for additional content once the game is released. These will include new trucks, maps, regions, and activities besides console mod support, tools for community modeling, and a few other features. The game is going to release on April 28th, 2020. However, the manufacturer has given gamers a choice to pre-order the Standard or Premium edition before the launch to get the 5000MV tractor.

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