GM Arlington Plant gets new upgrades for Christmas

GM Arlington Plant to recieve major upgrade

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“Everything we do is focused on building better vehicles for our customers.”

These were the words of Mr. Bill Kulhanek, a plant executive director at Chevrolet. Yes, the brand Chevrolet is one of the most seasoned players of the automobile market, and yes, they have put their heart and soul in the betterment of the vehicles from time to time. 

GM Vice President talking to press.

Arlington Plant’s New Direction

However, the question that stands here is – what is their next step in this direction? Well, before we could get over the C8, and the absolute engineering prodigy backing it, the Bowtie brand has given us one more reason to observe the company’s growth attitude. 

The Arlington Assembly Plant, which has been a significant branch of manufacturing greatness for this company, has received an update with Avant-garde tech simply bombarding the 1.6-million square foot expansion of the plant. 

Chevrolet has made an investment of around $1.4 billion for this update. The major aim, backing this stake is to improve the production efficiency and build quality of the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban in their upcoming, 2021 model year. 

Silverado ready to roll off from the plant

Cars that will benefit from Arlington Upgrade

The Tahoe and the Suburban are two full-size SUVs from Chevrolet, which not only just established this market fragment but have also been leading the same ever since their arrival. “The godfather of full-size SUVs”, as we’d like to call them, these two names are included in the list of cars that have kept the company’s pride intact. 

A major part of this 1.6-million square foot expansion is dedicated to the body shop, whereas the remaining 600,000 square foot accommodates the paint shop. The entire new zone is equipped with high-precision cameras and laser-based checkups, that offer quality scans for these two SUVs, at an entirely different level. 
Another major advantage of this investment that the company obtains, is in the form of production efficiency. The upgrades at the Arlington line, account for enhanced flexibility in the plant’s assembling capabilities. Simply put, these updates will allow the Arlington plant to manufacture more models and trim variations.

The rejuvenations at the Arlington assembly line also bring several other advantages to the Suburban and the Tahoe range, for instance, a tougher build and structure, a new underbody design, and several other alluring highlights such as an available panoramic sunroof. So, will this investment prove out to be fruitful for Chevrolet? We’ll find soon enough, as the 2021 Suburban and Tahoe are bound to go on sale in mid-2020.

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