C8.R Gets New Features For The Daytona

Corvette C8.R No. 3 & 4

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With the Daytona approaching CorvetteRacing is prepping their Corvette C8.R for best performance. To achieve their vision, many things have been done and some yet to be. The 2020 24 Hours of Daytona will begin on January 25th till the 26th of January. This year Daytona is going to be special for Chevrolet as their first 8th generation Corvette C8.R will be in the race.  To make this race memorable and give the competition a run for their money Corvette Racing has made some changes in their Corvette C8.R.

C8.R Changes for the Daytona

International Motor Sports Association released a bulletin this week regarding the C8.R changes for the race. The changes include an addition of an air restrictor of 0.33-mm and an additional five-liters of fuel capacity. So to sum it all up the 2 new Corvette C8.R’s will be in the race with some beefed-up specs. After the addition of these two new features, the Corvette C8.R will race with an air restrictor of size 44.3 mm and a fuel tank with a capacity of 94-liter.

2020 Corvette C8.R
2020 Corvette C8.R

C8.R Not The Only GTLM Car to Undergo Changes

If you are thinking that only Corvette Racing tweaked their car sadly you are mistaken. Cars from other manufacturers also got tweaked a little bit before the qualifying race for the Daytona 24. The Ferrari 488 GTE custom built by Risi Competizione will now run with decreased power and a wing angle increase of 4-degree. Along with these updates, the fuel tank is also shrunk down 1-liter with the capacity of 87L now.

Ferrari 488 GTE
Ferrari 488 GTE

On the other hand, the Porsche 911 also received some updates as the RSR added an additional 10kg of weight and an extra 7-liter of fuel capacity. Whereas the BMW M8 GTE hasn’t gone under any change for the race.

Did Someone drop out?

Many of you may haven’t noticed but we didn’t talk about any of the two Ford GTs by Chip Ganassi Racing which was gonna race against the others. That is because Ford has pulled their support for the program leaving only seven cars in the competition. Two Corvettes, Two BMWs, Two Porsches, and one Ferrari will race against each other to make history.

Daytona Practise and Qualifying Rounds

After performing exceptionally well at the Roar Before the 24 Daytona, the Corvette C8.R is all set for the practice rounds which are going to commence from this coming Thursday. The qualifying rounds are set to take place on Thursday after the practice laps. This will give CorvetteRacing the chance they have been waiting for. With this chance, Corvette Racing will be able to compare the mid-engine Corvette against other GTLM rivals.

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