Corvette C8 on eBay for $110,000. Wait What?

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Crazy right, Chevy hasn’t even begun on the new C8 Corvette yet there is one for sale on eBay. Yeah, you read it right. Apparently, a very well reputed seller on eBay has listed a C8 Corvette in Arctic White color asking for a whopping 110k “Buy It Now” price tag. That’s not it, the car is not even a finished product yet.

To check it out we followed the link on eBay which had the original listing and we found details such as the C8 listed is the 1LT version of the Corvette C8 ($59,999 MSRP) and Arctic White color which is among the other colors offered by Chevy.
As per our sources, the production of 1LT won’t start right away as Chevy is going to focus more on the expensive 2LT & 3LT trims which are understandable considering the demand of Corvette C8 in the market.

The Truth about Corvette C8 listing on eBay

Here’s the deal, some corvette lovers might go all crazy reading and this but the truth is that you pay for a car which is not available in the market. Your payment gets you a promise of a new car as it’s only a build slot. a build slot for $110,000 is not as crazy as it sounds. Many will say it’s a scam by some people but in the end, it’s up to you whether you want to spend 100k+ for a 60k Corvette C8.

CorvetteBlogger made this discovery on eBay with the 110k price tag and a “1st wave and early release” banner. What this means is that whoever buys it will get their C8 Corvette as soon as possible. What more does a Chevy lover want? Right?

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