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The current market trend shows that a company can gain much more market presence by not just offering a big lineup of fancy-looking products, but can also introduce popular products from their lineup as stand-alone brands to cater to various segment of the market and gain better profits. The same theory can be applied to the C8 Corvette as well.

Chevrolet Corvette as a Brand

Inspired by what Citroen has done in the European Union by introducing the ‘DS’ vehicle lineup as a brand in itself, to control a more significant market share. According to the sources, Chevrolet might be thinking to do the same with the C8 Corvette.
Taking advantage of the Corvette’s name and image, Chevrolet might be looking to launch the C8 Corvette as a brand, with more than just sports cars under its flag.

As sources suggest, after an impressive response given to the C8 Corvette by the consumers, GM might be considering to launch this iconic bow tie car as a sister brand. But it is too early to say anything as at this point the plan is still in development. We may even don’t know whether this plan would see the light of the day or will it go straight into the shredder.

Sketch for the Corvette SUV

At the recent C8 Corvette’s debut event, Jim Campbell, vice president of performance vehicles and motorsports, kept his mouth shut on this and quoted “I can’t say anything one way or the other.”. Even GM’s President, Mark Reuss didn’t say much on this, and this was his reply, “Probably not going to see that.” And not just this, according to Autoweek, it is a high possibility that Cadillac (a sub-brand of GM) might be borrowing the platform on which the new C8 Corvette has been built, for its future sports car.

According to various insiders, the C8 Corvette brand might introduce a Crossover or an SUV, along with a sedan in its lineup. Numerous sightings and leaks point towards this brand’s possible existence.

Potential Corvette Crossover
Source: GMAuthority

Also, back in September 2018, GM Authority spotted a crossover-like vehicle being tested at GM Milford Proving Ground. Though the vehicle seems wholly camouflaged, the rear end of the car is easily visible with a pointed back end. From this, we can say that this vehicle could be the first under the C8 Corvette brand.

And not to overlook the overwhelming response, the C8 got from the public, which also suggests that the big brains at GM might consider this as a green signal for the Corvette brand. Still, a long way to go, but various sources suggest that the C8 Corvette brand might get a launchpad somewhere in 2023, the same year in which Chevrolet might be discontinuing the Camaro, in its sixth generation.

For now, this is speculation, but still, it would be great to see how a vehicle grows into a brand and open new frontiers for Chevrolet and its legacy to go. This is something which is still under the wraps, and by 2023, we might see some more news or continue with mere dreams of this turning into a reality.

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