Chevrolet's Vehicle Lineup 2019

From humble beginnings to achieving the historic milestones and becoming a beloved brand, Chevy makes its entry into its 108th year. Though its journey looks straight, it had some twists and turns which shaped this brands image. The brand has walked in the footsteps of the American people by understanding their needs and following the trends, yet outshining other brands for its innovation and uniqueness and portraying the American spirit in its purest forms. 

With a century-old legacy and a grand lineup introduced every year, Chevrolet has made a lasting impression on which people can have faith in. With Chevrolet entering 2019, the manufacturer offers an impressive lineup of cars ranging from nimble hatches to heavy-duty trucks and adrenaline rushing cars with some attractive features and price tags.

Though the brand is known for the trucks it produces, with time, it became more versatile and introduced a variety of platforms to cater to the ever-growing demands of the American people. 

And as they say, “Evolution is the key to life.” With the expansion of the electric horizon all across the automobile industry, Chevrolet has upped its game by announcing that it will gradually stop producing gas-powered motors and shift its focus on the electric power-trains to make itself ready for the future. 

Chevrolet Passenger Cars

Chevrolet offers 5 vehicles which comprise of 2 hatchbacks and 3 sedans. Following are the vehicles-

Chevrolet Spark

Spark is the cheapest and the smallest car in Chevrolet’s lineup. Its a family hatchback which offers a good build quality along with decent interior. The presence of all necessary safety features like rear vision camera as standard makes this car stand out in its category.

Chevrolet Spark

Finally, the thing that sets this car apart is the infotainment which offers a wide array of features like Apple CarPlay and many more as standard. Chevy offers 4 trims with this car which are LS, 1LT, ACTIV & 2LT. Prices start at $13,220 and go up to $17,720 for the 2LT CVT variant.

Chevrolet Sonic

Sonic is the second member under this segment which stands above the Spark. Sonic looks slightly bigger than the Spark, and hence it comes with spacious interiors along with decent interior quality. 

Also, this car offers a turbocharged engine as standard. The Chevrolet Sonic comes as either a sedan or a hatch. The sedan is offered in 3 trims, LS, LT & PREMIER, while the hatchback is offered in only LT and PREMIER trims. The pricing for this starts at $15,420 and goes up to $21,520.

Chevrolet Cruze

Cruze is a pocket-friendly car with a sporty nature. This car is offered as either a hatchback or a sedan. Both, the Cruze hatch and the sedan, are spacious with decent interior appointments like plastics and leatherette. 

The Cruze offers a powerful motor along with big boot space. The hatch is provided in LS, LT, and PREMIER, while the sedan is offered in L, LS, LT, and PREMIER. Also, a diesel variant of this car is provided. Pricing for this car starts at $17,995 and goes up till $26,120.

Chevrolet Malibu

Malibu is an entry-level mid-sized sedan with well-sculpted exteriors and gracefully designed and spacious interiors. With the use of leather on the upper trims, the Malibu offers a plush feel to the occupants. 

Chevrolet Malibu 2019

Also, Chevy has introduced the Malibu RS, which adds a touch of sportiness to its appearance. The new Malibu is offered in 6 trims, L, LS, RS, LT, HYBRID, and PREMIER. The new Malibu starts at $22,090 and goes up to $31,820.

Chevrolet Impala

Impala is the manufacturer’s affordable full-sized sedan with a large footprint that sets this car apart. Form its comfortable and spacious cabin to the features and safety ratings; the Impala stands as a perfect family car for people on a tight budget. 

Chevrolet Impala 2019

The Impala stands true to its legacy and thus offers a luxurious experience to the owners. Also, the V6 engine feels energetic and capable. The Impala is offered in 3 trims, LS, LT, and PREMIER, with prices starting at $28,020 and going up to $36,720.

Chevrolet's Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Chevrolet Volt

Volt is the hybrid sedan from the house of Chevy. The Chevrolet Volt in the Chevy’s line of electric vehicles which considers the prospects of hybrid and electric vehicles. The new Volt comes feature loaded with an impressive array of tech along with safety features to keep the car and the occupants safe at all times. 

Also, the interiors are pretty spacious with good use of plastics and chrome in it. The Volt offers fast charging times along with improved range. The Volt is offered in 2 trims, LT and PREMIER, with a starting price of $33,520 and going up till $38,120.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

Bolt EV is a hatchback and the only car in Chevy’s lineup to not have a gas-powered motor in it. Considering its size, the Bolt offers a spacious cabin with an ample room to relax. The exteriors comprise of modern and unique looks which make this car stand out of the crowd. 

Chevrolet Bolt EV

And with the absence of a conventional engine, the car makes less noise and feels quiet on the inside. The interiors are functional and easy to understand, but the quality feels cheap and disappointing for its price. Bolt EV is offered in 2 trims, LT and PREMIER. The pricing starts at $36,620 and goes up to $41,020.

With a total of 9 vehicles coming under this segment and a sales figure worth looking at, Chevrolet has shown its competitors that it isn’t just a truckers brand. And just like its top-selling car, the Cruze, Chevy points out the passion which the owners share for its vehicles and thus paves new roads for decades to come.


Ever thought of how the world would have been without the Vettes and the Camaros growling on the streets and drag strips? Well, a mere thought of this sends a shiver down my spine and leaves me with an idea for Chevy, “never let these two iconic brands(cars) fade away.” It’s not just their charm or the iconic legacy that has made them more than mere vehicles, its the idea and the emotions behind them that has transformed these to renowned brands worldwide.

Like we know, Rome was not built in a day, their legacy is not just a culmination of days and years passed by, but it is more than that. Named after a particular class of warship that is agile and highly maneuverable, The Corvette emerged as a revolutionary vehicle that completely changed the face of the American performance car segment.

Chevrolet Performance Cars

And while the Vette busy achieving the milestones, the bosses at Chevy added a pony car to their lineup, the Camaro. Vicious yet friendly, the Camaro was meant to be a fast car with a cruel nature of eating the mustangs up. Over the years, the car has seen a drastic change in its design language, but still feels the same as it was on its day one.

So without waiting lets put the pedal to the metal and hit the road to know about the latest offerings under this segment.

Chevrolet Performance Cars

Chevrolet offers 6 performance cars under this segment starting from the Camaro to the ultimate track machine, the Corvette ZR1. Here are the models present under this category –

Chevrolet Camaro

The Camaro is an iconic car which has left a lasting impact on many. Chevy offers the latest Camaro, keeping in mind the thrill of driving, but with bold new looks and more muscle and technology packed under its skin. The new Camaro stands out not just because of its legacy, but also because of its thrilling performance. 

Six Generations of Chevrolet Camaro

When it comes to its interiors, I feel Chevy has stepped up its game, but still, something is holding them back. The interior feels comfortable, but at the same time, a bit confining, and this is where Chevy need to work upon. And as a personal experience, I used the rear seats more for carrying luggage or for my pet. 

And as mentioned, the interior quality feels a little better, and so does the overall build quality. Chevrolet offers this as either a coupe or a convertible and in 7 trims which are 1LS, 1LT, 2LT, 3LT, 1SS, and 2SS. The convertible variant drops the 1LS and starts at 1LT. Finally, if everything goes well and you plan to get this machine, it starts at 25 grand and goes up to 48 for the 2SS.

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

All praise is less for this pony car running on steroids. Yes, you read it right. This track-focused car not only looks aggressive on the skin but also packs some serious amount of horses under its hood. Available as both coupe and convertible, this growling monster equips a massive 650 hp 6.2 L V8 motor. The ZL1 stands at the pinnacle of power in its segment. 

The build quality is excellent, but the interior is not so great and spacious. And of course, this car is not meant for chilled weekend drives but is purpose-built for creating menace on the tracks. The performance is thrilling and keeps the driver engaged. The ZL1 is offered in only 1 trim with a starting price of $62,000 and going up till $72,190.

Corvette Stingray

Corvette Stingray is the entry-level sports car coming from the house of Chevy and packs a right amount of punch in its character. A two-seat sports car, the stingray comes as either a coupe or a convertible. 

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 2019

From its aggressive looks to the driver-centric and spacious interiors, the car feels sporty yet can be used as a daily driver. The new Vette is offered in 6 trims, the 1LT, 2LT, 1LT w/Z51, 2LT w/Z51, 3LT and 3Lt w/Z51. Prices start at $55,900 and go up till $75,145.

Corvette Grand Sport

Stepping up, Chevy offers the Vette as a Grand Sports car with the legendary LT1 V8 pumping under its skin. This Corvette also offers a Chevy’s Magnetic Ride Control System which allows the car to provide a smoother driving experience. 

This is also offered either as a coupe or a convertible. With sophisticated and refined aerodynamics along with Z06-style grille, the Corvette Grand Sports feels just perfect for any drive. Available in 3 trims, 1LT, 2LT and 3LT. The pricing for this starts at $65,900 and goes up to $80,145 for the top-spec variant.

Corvette Z06

As an entry-level mean machine, the Z06 stands as the manufacturer’s everyday sportscar. Unlike the Stingray and the GS, the Z06’s aggressive stance and ear numbing exhaust notes are enough to crash any party. Available either as a coupe or a convertible, the new Z06 offers the driver an engaging and thrilling drive. 

Chevrolet Corvette Z06

From its aggressively sculpted body to the driver-centric console and comfortable seats, the Z06 offers a pleasant interior experience with the use of upscale appointments like leather, etc. The Z06 is offered in 3 trims, 1LZ, 2LZ, and 3LZ, with the prices starting at $80,900 and going up till $94,345 for the top trim.

Corvette ZR1

A track monster and a gas guzzler, the 2019 Corvette ZR1 stands as the ultimate expression of performance, speed, and enthusiasm. With a 755 hp 6.2L V8 motor churning under its hood, the ZR1 stands as a capable car enough to enter into supercar territory and leave many legendary cars biting the dust. And not to forget about the handling. Yes, this car does come with some serious power under its hood, yet it feels incredibly agile and easy to control. 

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

From the extensive use of carbon fiber on it, the ZR1 stands uniquely and redefines the definition of aggressive functional styling. This track monster is also available either as a coupe or a convertible. It is available in two trim levels, 1ZR, and 3ZR, and its pricing starts at $120,900 and goes up till $135,400.

Aggressive, beautiful, and engaging, the performance cars coming from Chevrolet’s stable redefines what constitutes a performance car. Unlike the exotics, these performance monsters carry the brand’s ideals and push the limits of their respective segments to the extreme.

Chevrolet's Trucks and SUVs lineup

Practical, durable, and versatile, the trucks and SUVs produced by Chevrolet are the perfect embodiment of these words. In the words of the Legendary Alfred Sloan, “a car for every purse and purpose.” Chevrolet aimed at becoming the volume leader and hence introduced these machines into its lineup.

From the early days of Superior and series 490 to the current ones of Silverado and Suburban, Chevrolet has introduced an array of impressive purpose-built vehicles in this segment. And not to forget about the midsize and compact crossovers that filled the empty spots in the later years.

So without waiting, let’s move down to read more about the vehicles under this segment.

Chevrolet's Lineup

In 2019, Chevrolet has re-introduced most of the vehicles under this segment with some minor changes. Also in 2019, after 14 years, Chevy has introduced the Blazer. Currently, the manufacturer has a total of 9 vehicles in this lineup ranging from the entry-level Trax to the OG Suburban.

And speaking about the heavy-duty vehicles, Chevrolet offers Colorado and the Silverado in this lineup as well. Also, the company has announced that it will ultimately be revamping the lineup of trucks like Silverado, Colorado, etc. and their iterations.

SUVs & Crossovers

Crossovers and SUVs are mainly focused on people who want something practical and useful at the same time. Also, these cars are generally preferred by those who have large families and often go on long vacations. Under this segment, Chevrolet offers 6 vehicles which are –

Chevrolet Trax

The Trax is an entry-level crossover in Chevy’s lineup and comes with an affordable price tag. The Trax brings with it an enthusiastic character along with attractive looks and peppy performance. 

Chevrolet Trax 2019

Though the interiors feel built-to cost, the cabin feels excellent, and with an ample amount of room, it feels just perfect for the occupants. Chevrolet offers this car in 3 trims, LS, LT, and PREMIER, and its price starts at $21,300 and goes up till $29,100.

Chevrolet Equinox

The Equinox is Chevy’s answer in the crossover segment to cars like the CR-V. From its bold and straightforward looking shell to the smooth engine performance and upscale interior experience, the Equinox stands as a perfect vehicle for those families who want something more significant than the Trax, yet not so. 

Chevrolet Equinox 2019

Chevrolet offers the new Equinox in 4 trims, L, LS, LT, and PREMIER. Pricing for this car starts at $23,800 and goes up till $35,700. Finally, the L trim comes only with FWD, while all other trims offer a choice between FWD and AWD.

Chevrolet Blazer

The 2019 Blazer is an all- new vehicle introduced in the lineup this year, but its name rings a bell about the old Blazer with boxy and muscular looks. Unlike the old one, this new offering from Chevy holds an aggressively styled shell that beautifully displays its boldness. 

Chevrolet Blazer 2019

On the inside, the Blazer offers a generously spacious cabin with a design that looks functional with thoughtfully placed controls on it. Chevy offers this car in 5 trims, L, BLAZER CLOTH, BLAZER LEATHER, RS and PREMIER along with a choice of either FWD or AWD. The pricing for this car starts at $28,800 and goes up to $45,600.

Chevrolet Traverse

Traverse is a midsize SUV in Chevy’s lineup which offers a great combination of bold looks and spacious interiors. With a comfortable seating space for 8, this mid-sized SUV stands as a perfect choice for every family. And not just space, its attractive pricing and build quality are the two most significant factors that made this car secure its place in the list of 10 Best Family Cars of 2018. 

Chevrolet Traverse 2019

Chevrolet offers this car in 7 trims, L, LS, LT CLOTH, LT LEATHER, RS, PREMIER, and HIGH COUNTRY. The pricing for this car starts at $29,930 and goes up to $53,200.

Chevrolet Tahoe

Tahoe is the entry-level, full-sized SUV in Chevrolet’s lineup. Though the car still carries its design from 2015, the 2019 Tahoe stands as a big family SUV for nine people. The shell of this car still holds a simple boxy design, and the same expression translates into its cabin. 

Chevrolet Tahoe

Its cabin is spacious and offers a ton of small usable pocket spaces. Its significant road presence makes every other car look puny in front of it. Chevy offers this car in 3 trims, LS, LT, and PREMIER, with a choice of either a 2WD or 4WD and its pricing starts at $48,000 and goes up till $65,700.

Chevrolet Suburban

Like a massive beast roaming on the terrain, the 2019 Suburban stands as the biggest full-size SUV in the lineup. A long-wheelbase version of the regular Tahoe, the Suburban offers its occupants with the best in the class cabin and cargo space. 

Chevrolet Suburban 2019

With a massive room to accommodate up to nine, the Suburban stands aggressively against its competitors. Available in 3 trims, LS, LT, and PREMIER and with a choice of either 2WD or 4WD, the pricing for this car starts at $50,800 and goes up till $68,500.

Chevrolet Trucks

Trucks are the most significant selling type of vehicles in the Chevy’s lineup as they not only offer a robust build quality but also are practical and capable. Chevrolet offers 3 trucks under this segment which are –

Chevrolet Colorado

The 2019 Colorado is a versatile pickup truck that can easily be used as a daily driver or as a dangerous off-road vehicle. From its bold and hunky looks to the practicality and build quality, Chevy Colorado finds a spot in many garages. 

2019 Chevrolet Colorado

Capable yet practical, Chevy Colorado is a perfectly sized truck and starts as the least expensive barebone truck to the top-spec fully loaded truck. Chevy offers Colorado in 4 trims, WT, LT, Z71, and ZR2, with a choice of 3 body configurations along with an option of either 2WD or 4WD with its pricing starting at $21,300 and going up till $41,300.

Chevrolet Silverado

A full-sized pickup truck, the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado takes the legacy of this iconic truck to a whole new level. The new Silverado comes as a fully redesigned vehicle with an all-new character.

Chevrolet Silverado

The Silverado offers a good build quality with decent interior quality. The new Silverado is offered in 8 trims, WT, CUSTOM, CUSTOM TRAIL BOSS, LT, RST, LTZ, LT TRAIL BOSS and HIGH COUNTRY and it starts at $28,300 and goes up till $56,600 for the top-spec truck.

Chevrolet Silverado HD

When it comes to offering the ultimate experience of practicality and utility, the 2019 Silverado HD stands tall in this segment. From its superior trailering capacity to the massive torque coming from its heart, the HD stands as the real deal when it comes to heavy-duty work. 

Chevrolet Silverado HD

The truck is offered as a 2500 HD beast or as the ultimate work machine, the 3500 HD. Choosing the perfect truck can be a bit difficult as there are several configurations available along with trims present with each setup.

Whether it’s their popularity or the character, Chevrolet’s crossovers have become quite popular among the buyers. These cars are not just versatile and fit perfectly in the budget; it’s their use, which keeps their demand high. And not to forget about the big land crawlers, the SUVs, sitting at the top. These beastly machines are not just built for flexing muscles but are also very capable and practical machines.

A homegrown brand, with a century-old legacy of producing practical and reliable vehicles, Chevrolet adds a breath of life into its ageing lineup of trucks. Though these trucks look muscular on the surface, their uninspiring interiors kill the enthusiasm. Colorado is a fresh breed of trucks, but for the Silverado, it seems like the day has come to an end.


Choosing the right tools for a job is the sign of a real and experienced workman. Just like the tools, every vehicle is built for a purpose, and thus, Chevy offers a whole different lineup of commercial vehicles. Ranging from rugged and reliable trucks to the large vans, these work machines comes packed with some serious ‘raw ‘power.

Though the commercial lineup of Chevy includes trucks, the character and purpose are the two attributes that differentiate these workhorses from the regular ones. And not to forget about the vans. From their sizeable cargo-hauling capacity to an ample amount of room present in the large wheelbase minibusses, these unique vehicles are the most well-known hauling equipment in the automobile industry.

And to top it up, these vehicles are preferred over the others because of their capabilities and affordable price tag they carry. Though these aren’t meant for going to the vehicle meetups, these vehicles pack a lot of muscle power under their hood.

In this final leg of this 4-part series, I’ll be talking about Chevrolet’s latest lineup of workhorses, i:e. Commercial vehicles. Let’s get started.

Chevrolet's Commercial Vehicles

Chevrolet not only produces vehicles for personal use, but it also produces vehicles built for commercial purposes. It offers 5 vehicles which comprise of 3 trucks and 2 vans. Following are the vehicles –

Chevrolet Colorado WT

When it comes to getting the job done, the 2019 Colorado offers an impressive combination of power and fuel efficiency. From its best in class towing capacity to an ample amount of room for cargo, Colorado stands as a perfect mid-sized work truck. 

Chevrolet Colorado WT

And not just the power, Chevy Colorado also boasts of a good amount of advanced tech and safety features like a set of 6 airbags as standard, etc. Chevrolet offers the new Colorado as a work truck with several configurations available along with engine and other mechanical choices. Prices for this starts at $21,300 and goes up till $32,000.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 WT

Strong, dependable and capable, the 2019 Silverado 1500 WT is a rugged full-size truck which is intelligent enough to handle any terrain and job with ease. From its superior torque output to the massive towing capacity, the Silverado WT is the perfect truck made for any job. 

Chevrolet Silverado 1500WT

From its boxy yet modern looking exteriors to the plane and spartan looking interiors, the Silverado WT is a truck made for the tough jobs. Starting at $32,900, this truck comes with a variety of configurations along with engine and mechanical options to choose from.

Chevrolet Silverado HD WT

When it comes to offering the ultimate experience of practicality and utility and making tough jobs look easy, the 2019 Silverado HD stands firm in this segment. From its superior trailering capacity to the massive torque coming from its heart, the HD stands as the real deal when it comes to heavy-duty work. 

Chevrolet Silverado HD WT

The truck is offered as a 2500 HD WT beast or as the ultimate work machine, the 3500 HD WT. Choosing the perfect truck can be a bit difficult as there are several body configurations and mechanical options available, but this also makes it a very flexible truck to go with. The pricing for this starts at $38,100.

Express Cargo Van

And not just trucks, Chevrolet also produces vans for businesses, which are sturdy and reliable. With ample space for storing cargo, this van seems perfect for small and medium enterprises for transportation purposes. 

Chevrolet Express Cargo

And just like the trucks, the Express van also offers several body configurations ranging from 2500 regular and extended wheelbase to 3500 regular and extended wheelbase. Also, this van provides many engine options to choose from. Prices for this van starts at $31,900 and going up till $35,800.

Express Passenger Van

Classic, Spacious and durable, the 2019 Express Passenger Van stands as the best vehicle for institutions or organizations for carrying passengers from one place to another. The Express Passenger Van offers a passenger capacity of 15 and a cargo capacity of more than 90 cu.ft. This van is offered in 2 trims, LS and LT. 

Chevrolet Express Passenger

Finally, the van comes with rear vision camera as standard, which increases its safety quotient. This van is available as 2500 regular wheelbase or 3500 regular or extended wheelbase with 4 engines to choose from. Finally, its pricing starts at $34,900 and goes up till $38,000 for the 3500 extended wheelbase variant with many advanced features packed in it.

Transportation of goods has always been an integral part of any business. From the reliable pickups to the highly practical vans, the commercial lineup of Chevrolet brings an array of the perfect transportation equipment for every business need.

An American brand, with a century-old legacy of producing practical and reliable vehicles, Chevrolet offers an impressive array of vehicles to cater the American masses.

With such an extensive lineup, Chevrolet not only offers a wide variety of vehicles to choose from but also provides quality products and caters to a large portion of the market. From its small city cars to the high-performance track-ready cars and heavy-duty trucks, Chevrolet has maintained its stronghold in the American Automobile industry.

And with the introduction of hybrid cars in its lineup, Chevrolet looks future-ready without leaving behind its roots and ideals on which the brand was established, reliability, safety, and practicality.

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